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- Friday, October 29, 2010 -

It has been a year since some of us graduated. In any case most of us are no longer in the same school or class already. Doubt anyone would remember this blog though. Its 1.36am now and I am missing 05' 0809 terribly. Time really flies.

All the best to everyone! Jiayou for those taking A lv this year as well as everyone else in their respective fields:)

-Suddenly nostalgic Peanut.

< 1:35:00 AM >

- Friday, September 18, 2009 -

Doubt anyone would read or see this post anyway, i posted it out of pore boredom =.=

Anyway, now 205 is ranked RIGHT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LIST! what does this means leh?
though there are people who scores well in 205, but overall we were still last, obviously pulled down by black sheep, and i am the black sheep =.= but thats not the main point lol. Ok, we should'nt feel demoralised!!!! As we have got VERY MUCH room of improvement, we certainly MUST do our best!!! Lets not disappoint Mrs Teo lah, she quite old liao, cant take it de, she long time din take a last rank class le bah? =) SO LETS CHIONG UP TO TOP 5 IN THE SCH!!!!!

This is the last lap le, its also the last chance we, as a whole class, will strive together for a common goal, lets all do our best bah! =)

Hmmm, since no 1 see, what for i type sia =.= hope someone sees it bah =)


< 11:37:00 PM >

- Tuesday, January 27, 2009 -

Whoo! Like OMY SHEN! CNY just flew round the corner man! haah
Unlike most of u peeps, I've got plenty of time to spare so I've decided keep this blog alive!
ACT COOL AYE?! haha (I think it's going to be a long post) lols

Wells here's some encouragement to u peeps ok? ahha i shall go by CLASS OF 105!

TECK SENG!- Heh. had a blast hanging out with you guys! Haha, better rmb the Top Malaysian Scholar talk u had with Mr Lee (not me ahh) and make it a reality! Ohh and... I WANT A BBALL REMATCH AFTER THE A's! RAWR! I'M GONNA WIN U LIAOS!

JUSTINA!- Haha, dun pia too hard!! Wait got white hair grow den wun be good! BUT DUN SLACK ON CHEM! Haha to save the class from Mr Lee's Killer Qns! MUST ADD BITUMEN AHH! And yea, if u need help, which i dun see any reason why ahha u can always find me lols. But most likely i wun be able to do anything lah hahas. ^^

ZHEN RU!-Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeee! Long time bo kua tio Xiao Bai liaos. hehe work hard ok! Den must not lose to Saiman!!! WOO I CHEER FOR U COS UR ALSO A ZR!!!! HAHAHA! Must also organise outing again! if not i wun be able to meet up much with u guys! =)

BEI YU!- Omy, ni shi smart de lors... haha but anyways jia you all the way! BEIYU!!!! WO HUI YONG YUAN ZI CHI NI!!!

PISSINEE BORINAYAKANONT!- Haha, Pissinee ur the special one man! haha Ur's is the only name which I... SPELT OUT YOUR SURNAME! LIKE OMY SHEN! DAMN HIGH LIAOS!!! Well work hard (like u always do) and if u ever need help with GP, come find me!! haha let this junior teach u!! =)

JANICE!- Lol, It's god speaking to you now man! haha. God says tht ur hair now looks funny when u tie it up but he envy's u how u are able to sleep so early but still get things done right everytime! haha JANICE IS NICE COS SHE'S JA-NICE! haha GOOD LUCK GAL!

EMILYN!- Err... Hard to elaborate man but I'll try ok? hahas kidding nia. Wells, I guess last year u were not to happy abt ur results but fret not! If u fall, the next thing to do is to get back up and climb back up! AGREE? If u keep staying on top den u wun be able to exercise and U'll become XIAO PANG-ER! (like fat- fatter. same thing applies) Den ur nick jiu bu hao ting ler haha.

KENNEDY!-Hmms... Lol u made the class a whole better place to be in man. with u there would be unity among the guys and stuff but yea haha. A lvl's this year ler so.... DUN MOL/VOL TOO MUCH ON SOCCER ANYMORE! HAHAHA =) JIA YOU!

JASMINE!- Haha, okok Jc2 liaos... Ur a big girl now so dun be such a bimbo aye?? ahhaa Well I wish u the best of luck in the coming year ahead. And if anything's the matter, I'll be here as ur listening ear ok? Just need to book it 2 days in advance. Haha Mug hard!!! IT"S ONLY LESS THAN A YEAR TO GO!

ADELINE!- GEGE WAN SUI! haha work hard too ok? haha A's liaos lah this year. Must add oil! and youtiaos too!(But take out the tiao 1st).... In any sense.... JIA YOU!!!! WAN SUI WAN SUI WAN WAN SUI!!!!! RAWR!!!! haha

QING QING!-Hmms.... Haha i guess ur work aint as bad as bowling bahh. haha no suan-ing intended but yea jia you! 105 would not be 105 without u haha. Makes sense? lol Wondering why it does not make dollars though... (sense=cents geddid geddid??) =)

YAN SHAN!- Yan Shan! Ur one smart ass man.... I bo way kong, haha getting to know u last year was not too bad a thing leh ahaha, work hard this year ok? work hard then after tht... STILL CANT PLAY HARD COS GOT ARMY LER! WAHAHAHA!!!! lols

JUN XIAN!- TORDAO the TORNADO!! lols. random lah i know pai seh.... ahhaa well, it has also been a blast in 105 with u around. ahha the usual KJM bastarding's etc etc... haha will never forget u lah! lol, cos of ur psp. ahha jkjk. well u too! haha dun piss the new GP teacher ahh... wait suay suay must go on stage say speech again. Yeap. STAY SMART! STUDY HARD!!!! WOOHOO!!

WEE KIAT!- ZHAI LAH!!! HAHA see u made it to Jc2 but this year dun go scream too much alr ok? haha... recall wad it felt like to pia for ur physics sup paper and do tht for this whole year! haha. It's still not too late to catch up on the stuff ur weak in. haha and I wish u the best of luck in all ur endeavours man! haha it too has been a blast spending the last year with u =)

DON!- Jc2 liaos. must still mol/vol on studies ahh. dun slack of at the last min hor! haha stay happy and meanwhile.... WIN THE GOLD THIS YEAR FOR THE FLOORBALL COMPETITION! haha den can study with ease after tht. yeap! JIA YOU!!!! GO GEEK! @_@

KYUNG HOON!- BBALL GOD!!! HAHA korean/dancer/bballer/dotapro/beatbox power! haha seriously sial... i sometimes wonder how u do it. lols... well this year cfm add another title to ur long line of achievements liao.... become the TOP SCORER LIAOS LAHH (IN A's)!!!! HAHAHA take care brother. peACE out haha =)

KEQIN!- Haaha. this year is freaking stress for u haha i know... but tong a bit more ok? soon it will all be over! haha study hard stay smart! HAHA COS IF U DUN.... DEN I WILL KICK UR ASS! HAHA AND EVEN DA SAO WUN BE ABLE TO HELP U LIAOS! HAHA ^_^ take care!

ANWAR!- Waaa Stepping lahh! haha J2 stress lah but i know u can COPE! all you need is a lil HOPE cos ANWAR's the DOPE and guess wad? U cant say NOPE! hahaha... rhymn sial! hahah but serious. I know u can do it! cos u like nike! haha *just do it. lols random again. haha

FARHAN!- Steady lahh also like Don I'll say the same thing man.... but i lazy type again so yea JIA YOU!!!! errr i mean ADD(JIA) OIL(YOU) hahaha.

YINGYING!-WOOTS the best for last lehs!!! hahaa. SAIMAN... I've known u for so long lers...can do it one lahhh. If not ur uncle (me) will be very the si wang man.. haha, oh yea, and since we'r frm peirce, help me kick ass man! haha study hard and ace every math test so tht Mr See can only SEE, SAY and ENG abt it. hahaha peACE out.



< 11:03:00 PM >

- Tuesday, December 23, 2008 -

Hi y'all lovely ancient mushrooms! Well this totally anticipating class outing details are out now.

Date: 2/1/09
Time: 10AM at Harbourfront MRT station
Things to bring:
Volleyball [YingYing]
Extra attire including undergarment
(For the above mentioned items, we've gotta have someone bringing it, so if you have, please volunteer to bring & inform Zhenru!)

We should be able to end activities at Sentosa at approximately 4pm. We will head to Vivo City for dinner thereafter. Please message either Zhenru or YingYing by 29/12/08 if you're going. Thanks, hope to see y'all there!

< 7:03:00 PM >

- Sunday, December 7, 2008 -

oops. i can't edit posts! so anyway, xb told me to inform you guys that the date is 2nd jan 09, not 3rd jan! yep. happy holidays and those doing sup paper, please study hard kay! :)

see you guys soon.


< 10:09:00 PM >

- -

People please keep your 3rd Jan 2009 free for class outing! Please pass the message around and tell those who hardly comes online. Thanks. The details would be uploaded by our very dearie XiaoBai soon :)

Happy Holidays!

< 3:32:00 PM >

- Friday, November 28, 2008 -


< 11:59:00 PM >